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Welcome to the personal webpage of Dr.-Ing. Paris A. Fokaides. I am an academic and researcher specializing in sustainable energy technologies and sustainability assessment of the built environment. Currently, I hold the position of Associate Professor at Frederick University in Cyprus.

On this website, you will find a comprehensive collection of information related to my professional journey, including:

  • Educational Background: Discover details about my educational accomplishments

  • Work Experience: Explore my experience in both academia and industry, gaining insights into the diverse roles I've undertaken and the academic institutions I've been a part of.

  • Research Projects: Learn about the research projects I have initiated and successfully implemented, contributing to advancements in my fields of expertise.

  • Consulting Projects: Delve into the consulting projects I have undertaken for the public sector, showcasing my practical contributions to the community.

  • Publications: Gain access to my publications, which span scientific journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings.

  • Teaching Record: Explore my teaching history across various institutions, including Frederick University Cyprus, Open University of Cyprus, German University in Cairo, University of Cyprus, and University of Karlsruhe in Germany.

  • Mentoring Activities: Understand my commitment to fostering the growth of students through mentoring at in both postgraduate and pregraduate level .

  • Editorial Work: Get insights into my editorial contributions to scientific journals.

  • Presentations and Participation: Learn about my active involvement in conferences and workshops, both as a presenter and a participant.

  • Standardization Activities: Explore my role in CEN Technical Committees, contributing to the development and establishment of EN standards.  

  • Research Infrastructure: Discover the research infrastructure and hardware I've designed and commissioned, supporting the advancement of scientific exploration.

  • Technical Committees and Associations: Gain insights into my role as an expert in technical committees and my membership in various associations, including my role as Build UP Ambassador in Cyprus.

  • Academic Moments: Reflect on recent key moments from my academic life .


I invite you to navigate through the various sections to gain a comprehensive understanding of my professional pursuits and the impact I've made in the field of sustainable energy technologies and sustainability assessment of the built environment. Thank you for visiting and joining me on this academic and research-oriented expedition.

My full CV is available under the following link:

Paris Fokaides CV (December 2022)

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