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SERG Sustainable Biofuels Laboratory
The sustainable biofuels laboratory of the Sustainable Energy Research Group at Frederick University was designed and developed between 2013 and 2015 with grants awared by the Cross-border Cooperation Program “Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013” (Interreg) entitled ”Design and development of collection, management and distribution centers for the exploitation of olive solid waste energy purpose” (link). The laboratory hosts all the required equipment for the implementation of proximal and elemental analysis of solid biomass and solid biofuels. SERG biomass lab is equipped with an elemental analyser, a bomb calorimeter, drying furnaces for ash and moisture content analysis, a high accuracy balance as well as other equipment for the appropriate sampling, storage and preparation of biofuels samples. SERG biomass lab is also equipped with the required infrastructure for the implementation of the proximal analysis of solid biofuels. 
  • For the implementation of elemental analysis of biofuels samples, SERG biomass lab is equipped with a Perkin Elmer CHN analyzer. For the determination of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen content of the samples, the procedures described in EN 15104 standard are followed - link

  • SERG biomass lab is also equipped with a Parr Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter for the measurement of the calorific value of solid biofuels. The procedures followed to obtain the calorific are in compliance with the EN 14918 standard - link

  • Two high temperature laboratory furnaces of SNOL are also used for the definition of the ash content and of the moisture content of solid biofuels samples respectively. The definition of the ash content follows the procedures of standard 14775 and for the measurement of the moisture content, the procedure described in standard 14774 is applied link

Since 2012, SERG Biomass Laboratory is certified with ISO 9001. All procedures followed for the sampling, storage, the elemental and the proximal analysis of solid biomass and solid biofuels samples are standardized and thoroughly described in the corresponding working instructions of the laboratory, included in the quality management system of SERG. The quality management system of the lab is audited on an annual basis by TUV Nord, confirming the high level of excellence achieved by SERG lab personnel.

Media Presentation of the Sustainable Biofuels Lab link
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