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Editorial Work

Editor in Chief

International Journal of Sustainable Energy (Taylor and Francis)

2022 – to date

The International Journal of Sustainable Energy publishes the latest research on the science and engineering of sustainable energy systems. We publish research papers on:

  • Renewable Energy Sources

  • Sustainable energy efficiency and sustainable energy conservation

  • Economics of sustainable energy systems

  • Security of sustainable energy supply

  • Novel sustainable energy technologies

  • Educational and technological research papers on sustainable Energy


Editorial Board Member

Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports (Springer)

2017 – to date

Current Sustainable/Renewable Energy Reports focuses on the latest advances in energy, offering expert reviews on current research on sustainable and renewable fuels, the transportation sector, the power sector, the environment, energy-water nexus, energy-food-agriculture; waste streams and urban planning.

Articles cover a range of established and emerging opportunities for energy management. Expert contributors present timely research, assess the efficacy of available options and discuss special considerations.

  • Reviews the latest advances in energy

  • Offers expert reviews of current research, including established and emerging opportunities for energy management

  • Covers sustainable and renewable fuels, transportation, energy, food and agriculture, urban planning and more


Editorial Board Member

Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects (Taylor and Francis)

2020 – to date

Energy Sources Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects aims to investigate resolutions for the continuing increase in worldwide demand for energy, the growing impact of energy use on the environment and climate, and the energy transition needed to sustainably address these challenges. Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects accepts the following types of article: original articles, letter to the editor.

You are invited to submit manuscripts that explore the technological, scientific and environmental aspects of:

  • Biofuels and bioenergy

  • Coal energy

  • Carbon capture, storage, and utilization

  • Decarbonization of energy systems

  • Energy from waste

  • Energy Storage and flexible generation

  • Energy efficiency

  • Environmental impacts of smart technologies

  • Environmental impacts of energy sources

  • Energy transition

  • Gas energy

  • Geothermal energy

  • Greenhouse gas removal

  • Nuclear energy

  • Oil shale energy

  • Petroleum and processing industry

  • Smart technologies in energy applications

  • Solar energy

  • Wind energy


Editorial Board Member

Energies  (MDPI)

June 2021 – to date

The aim of Energies’ Energy and Buildings Section is to present new research results, and new proven practice aimed at reducing the energy needs of a building, improving building energy efficiency, and improving how energy is managed in buildings. Example topic areas within the scope of our journal's Energy and Buildings Section are listed below. This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive:

  • Sustainable buildings

  • Energy consumption in buildings

  • Building environmental control

  • Intelligent buildings


Editorial Board Member

Sustainability (MDPI)

June 2018 – to date

This section strongly encourages an interdisciplinary approach that captures the real meaning of sustainability: overcoming a selfish vision by thinking of the whole society, of future generations. Economic growth can occur by consuming and producing what is actually needed while respecting ecosystems. This sustainable transition requires the adoption of appropriate policies, to stimulate citizens to behave responsibly, to push companies to produce cleanly, and a special role is played by future generations, who can be the green-powered locomotive of this change. Thematically, “Bioeconomy of Sustainability” includes:

  • assessment of circular premium of bio-based products/processes;

  • assessment of green premium of bio-based products/processes;

  • assessment of the role of certification and eco-labels associated to the bio-based products;

  • changes and opportunities in the circular bioeconomy

  • definition of products/processes within the bioeconomy;

  • development of bioeconomy/circular bioeconomy in emerging economies;

  • economic life cycle analysis of bio-based products/processes;

  • environmental life cycle analysis of bio-based products/processes;

  • identification of new indicators in the bioeconomy sectors;

  • identification of sustainable policies suitable to favour the development of bioeconomy/circular bioeconomy;

  • industrial symbiosis within circular bioeconomy;

  • new technological applications in the bioeconomy sectors;

  • social life cycle analysis of bio-based products/processes;

  • nexus among technological and sustainable aspects of bioeconomy within public/private facilities.


Editorial Board Member

Journal of Sustainable Architecture and Civil Engineering (KTU)

2017 – to date

The Journal of Sustainable Architecture and Civil Engineering aims to promote and support scientific researchers in sharing their experimental and theoretical findings related to sustainability. This encompasses a wide range of topics, such as climate change, clean energy, sustainable consumption and production, sustainable transportation, conservation and management of natural resources, public health, social inclusion, cultural diversity, and identity, among others. We are particularly interested in contributions within the fields of civil engineering and architecture.


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