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Dark Chamber for building materials thermal properties

In 2015, within the project​ ”Design, development and application of a technologically advanced system of natural daylight and artificial PV lighting - Hybrid Light Tube” - link (.Transnational SOLAR-ERA.NET Calls PV1 and CSP1.) a dark chamber, aimed to be used for the measurement of thermal properties of building materials with IR thermography under controlled environmental conditions, was designed and commissioned at Frederick University.

The unit body consists of well insulated sandwich panels, consisting of OSB and polyurethane, different heat sources (point and surface sources) on the top of the unit, as well as the required measuring equipment (thermocouples and dataloggers), which allow the performance of comprehensive experiments under controlled conditions. The chamber unit, is situated in a dark room, with controlled indoor air conditions, which allow the performance of reliable and replicable measurements.

The unit was calibrated in a series of test measurements in 2016. The next step will consist of the development of a standardised protocol for the implementation of measurements with the unit, as well as the implementation of a measurement campaign for the definition of the thermal properties of selected building materials. The dark chamber unit is suitable for measurements of both the thermal conductivity as well as for the measurement of the emissivity of building materials. The unit may also be used for the definition of the passive solar thermal performance of building materials, as well as of other solar driven devices (PVs, solar thermal panels).


Design of Dark Chamber. link

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