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Academic Teaching
  • My teaching at university level started in January 2003, as a teaching assistant and laboratory assistant at the Department of Chemical Engineering of Karlsruhe University, where I was until the spring semester of 2007, I assisted it in a total of five courses in the field of physical processes and chemical engineering. link

  • Between 2008 and 2012, I served as a special scientist at the University of Cyprus, where I taught a total of four courses, three on a permanent and one elective course during the spring semester of 2009. These courses were offered in the undergraduate program of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Experimental Fluid Mechanics) and in the Graduate program of Energy Technologies and Sustainable Design (Energy Design of Buildings, Renewable Energy Sources Management). link

  • Between 2012 and 2017 I was a visiting lecturer at Frederick University. In 2018 I was elected in the rank of the Assistant Professor. I offer on a permanent basis courses for four Departments of the Engineering School (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Quantity Surveying, Architects) and in 3 Postgraduate Programmes (Sustainable Energy Systems - program coordinator, Oil Gas and Offshore Engineering, Engineering Management). My teaching subjects are mainly in the field of energy systems and buildings analysis, fluid mechanics, and physical and chemical processes. link

  • Also since 2015 I am collaborating teaching staff at the Open University of Cyprus, in the Program of Sustainable Energy Systems, of which I am also the academic coordinator. link

  • I also offered more than 400 hours teaching seminars under the auspices of other teaching bodies in subjects related to the field of energy and engineering, the majority of which concern programmes approved by the Human Resources Development Authority of Cyprus. In November 2015 I was nominated as a trainer by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus. link