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Mitsubishi Air-Conditioning Laboratory
​In 2015, following the signing of an MoU with Cypin :Ltd (link), the exclusive distributors of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries airconditioning units in Cyprus, Mitsubishi Air-Con Lab was developed and commissioned at Frederick University, Cyprus.

Mitsubishi Air-Con Lab at Frederick constitutes a joint initiative of Cypin Ltd and Frederick University. The Lab, located at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Lab at Frederick University, hosts the state of the art equipment in the field of air-conditioning and heat pumps. The lab, is aimed to be used for teaching and research purposes of the students at the pre-graduate and postgraduate programs of Frederick University, as well as for vocational training of refrigeration and heat pump technicians.

The Mitsubishi Air-Con-lab currently consists of 4 units. The central VRF system of the Mitsubishi air-con lab is connected to six terminal units:

  • a four way cassette,

  • a duct type unit,

  • a ceiling suspended unit,

  • a floor type unit,

  • a two way cassette unit and

  • an outdoor unit.

The lab also hosts two split units of wall type and an air to water heat pump.

The lab is also equipped with the required control units for the measurement of the refrigerant properties at critical points of the refrigeration cycle. The control units also allow the interpretation of the thermodynamics of the process, as well as the definition of the essential diagnostics of the appropriate functioning of the lab units.

Media Presentation of Mitsubishi Aircon Lab. link
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