Mentoring Open University Cyprus (2015 - )
MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems
  1. Thomas Paraskevas: Conversion of a 100 building community to a Zero Energy Community. link

  2. Konstantinos Kanellos: Pre Engineering of a Comprehensive System for Building Heating by Exploiting Geothermal Energy. link

  3. Eleni Efthymiou: Indoor thermal conditions in dwellings in Cyprus. link

  4. Alexia Panou: Building Automation Systems for Energy Efficiency. link

  5. Virginia Arvaniti Investigation of the energy performance of school buildings link

  6. Kyriakos Polycarpou The impact of the implementation of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive on the European building stock: The case of the Cyprus Land Development Corporation link

  7. Anastasia Filippou Towards achieving zero energy buildings: the role of passive solar building design link

  8. Nektarios Constantinou Energy recovery  with the use of solar thermal panels link

  9. George Stavropoulos Use of a ground source heat pump for the production of lithium-ion batteries link

  10. Anastasia Filippou Solar Energy in Industrial Processes link

  11. Alexia Panou Seawater Desalination Using Renewable Energy link

  12. Theodoros Diavatis Stirling Engines for Low-Temperature Solar-Thermal-Electric Power Generation link

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