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Links of Affiliated Bodies - Profiles in Scientific Databases

Affiliated Academic and Research Instiutions and Programmes

  • Sustainable Energy Research Group @ Frederick University and Frederick Research Center: link

  • Research Group Sustainable Energy in the Urbanized Environment, Kaunas University of Technology link

  • Euphyia Tech Ltd link

  • Sustainable Energy Research Group Youtube Channel @ Frederick University and Frederick Research Center: link

  • School of Engineering, Frederick University, Cyprus: link

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Frederick University, Cyprus: link

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kaunas University of Technology. link

  • MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems, Frederick University, Cyprus: link

Affiliated Associations

  • VDI – Verein Deutscher Ingenieure link

  • The Combustion Institute link

  • International Solar Energy Society (ISES) link

  • Institute for Solar Technology, Greece (IHT) link

  • Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) link

  • Cyprus Association of Mechanical Engineers (ΣΜΜΗΚ) link

  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers link

Profiles in Scientific Databases and in Social Networking Media

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