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Infrastructure and Hardware Design and Development
An integral part of my career concerns the design and development of hardware and infrastructure, for the implementation of experimental research work, as well as for training purposes. In this section, I present infrastructure and laboratories I have jointly designed and initiated with my research colleagues since 2003. The presented equipment is not exhaustive, but it is considered as representative with regard to the fields of my interest, as well as the quality of my work as a researcher, working mainly in the experimental field.
Within this section of my personal webpage, information for the following hardware is presented:
  • Fuel injection systems, based on the airblast concept, which I designed and patented with my PhD supervisor during my employment at Karlsruhe University in Germany link
  • Test facilities which mimic the conditions in jet engines combustion chambers, under atmospheric and elevated pressure conditions (20 bar). In particular, during my employment at Engler-Bunte Institute of Karlsruhe University, I designed and/or commissioned three combustion chamber units, of which I present the main concept of operation. link
  • During my employment at Frederick University, I was able to develop hardware and test facilities of a total budget exceeding 100000 €, granted exclusively by research projects. In this section I provide a summary of the following units:
    • the SERG Sustainable Biofuels Laboratory, which was designed and developed between 2013 and 2015 with grants awared by the Cross-border Cooperation Program “Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013” (Interreg) entitled ”Design and development of collection, management and distribution centers for the exploitation of olive solid waste energy purpose” ​ link
    • the Yeri Municipality Pelleting Centre,  designed for olive pomace, located in Yeri Municipality, near the city of Nicosia designed and commissioned with grants awared by the same research project link
    • the Dark Chamber, aimed to be used for the measurement of thermal properties of building materials with IR thermography under controlled environmental conditions, designed and developed under the ”Design, development and application of a technologically advanced system of natural daylight and artificial PV lighting - Hybrid Light Tube” project (.Transnational SOLAR-ERA.NET Calls PV1 and CSP1.) link
    • The Fredericks Digital Twin Platform, developed by SERG, is a virtual innovation shaping utility oversight at Frederick University Campus. It facilitates real-time monitoring of energy consumption in campus edifices, amplifying resource efficiency and ecological responsibility. Born from projects D2EPC, SmartLivingEPC, and eUMaP, the platform finds application in the EU Conexus Plus and Conexus Enables initiatives, cementing its pivotal role in advancing intelligent utility management for a greener future. link
  • My ​collaboration with the industrial sector, also allowed the development of three laboratory units, used both for research and teaching, with equipment provided by the partner industries exceeding 40000 €. Particularly following laboratory units are presented:
    • Frederick's Boilers Lab, designed and developed jointly with Hydrotherm Co Ltd, one of the main PEM systems suppliers in Cyprus. The Lab, certified by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Cyprus, has been utilized for the certification of Mechanical Engineers as Boilers Auditors, in accordance with the requirements of the 2010/31/EC directive on the energy performance of buidlings. It is also extensively used for research purposes, for the definition of the combustion performance of different types of solar biofuels. link
    • Mitsubishi Air-Con Lab, designed and commissioned in collaboration with Cypin Ltd, the exclusive distributor of Mistubishi Heavy Industries equipment in Cyprus. The lab, which is used mainly for vocational training purposes, consists of 6 units, combining all main streams in HVAC systems currently employed in the market. link
    • Johnsun Solar Thermal Units, developed in collaboration with Johnsun Heaters Ltd, consisting of two comprehensive systems which mimic all possible solar thermal system concepts, used mainly for teaching purposes. link
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