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Mentoring - Frederick University (2012 - )

PhD Graduates (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Dr. Elias Christoforou (2014-2019)
    Life Cycle Assessment or Raw Biomass and Biomass-to-Energy Conversion Routes

  • Dr. Loucas Georgiou (2019-2022)
    Thermal Performance of Building Elements with the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Finite Element Analysis

PhD Graduates (Civil Engineering)

  • Dr. Angeliki Kylili (2015-2019)
    Environmental Assessment of Building Elements with the use of Life Cycle Assessment

PhD Candidates (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Mr. Nicholas Afxentiou (2020- )

  • Ms. Eleni Apostolidou (2023 - )

  • Ms. Phoebe-Zoe Georgali (2020- )

  • Ms. Evi Demetriou (2023 - )

  • Mr. Theoklitos Klitou (2021- )

MSc in Energy Systems and the Built Environment
  1. Anna Ioannou: Exploitation of olive husk for energy purposes link

  2. Nicholas Meintanis: Predictions for the future of the Emissions Trading System link

  3. Marina Papaconstantinou: Numerical simulation of thermal performance of buildings thermal bridges link

  4. Panagiota Papadopoulou: Numerical investigation of Photovoltaics passive cooling using Finite Element Methods link

  5. Constantinos Vassileiou: Use of dark chamber for measurement of the thermal performance of building products link

  6. Miltiades Asprou: Numerical investigation of thermal performance of a Building Integrated Photovoltaic system link

  7. Ioannis Hadjigeorgiou: Experimental study on the optimisation of the combustion process in a small scale pellet boiler link

  8. Phoebe Morsnik Georgalli: Cradle to Gate Life Cycle Assessment of Solar Thermal Panels link  external reference

  9. Fanos Poullou: How Heat Island Effect Change The City Of Larnaca Over The Years And What Must  Be Done To Mitigate This Problem link

  10. Erman Dolmaci: Characterisation of Pellets Derived From Solid Residues of the Winery Industry link

  11. Sangrila Phuyal:  Energy Modelling for Manufacturing Sector Development in Nepal link

  12. Pantelis Demetriou: Life Cycle Assessment of Steel Production Process link

  13. Iro Andreou: Energy Audit of a Poultry Farm link

  14. Leoni Efstathiou: Comparison of the Whole-building Life Cycle Assessment (L.C.A) of Con-crete, Metal and Wood Structure of a residential building – A Case Study link

  15. Avraam Avraam: Sustainable Assessment of Frederick’s Research Centre at Engineering School Labs Using BREEAM In-Use International Sustainability Scheme link

  16. Christianna Panteli: Optimization of building overhang design using Building Integrated Model-ling (BIM) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) link

  17. Elefhterios Nicolaou: Perception of Stakeholders on the Required Policy Measures for the Im-provement of the Energy Performance of Greenhouses link

  18. Efthimios Valkanas: Parametric analysis to assessing the performance of a Lignite Steam Power Plant link

  19. Stavros Skais: Energy Assessment of a Solar Thermal System for Space Heating under subtropical climatic conditions link

  20. Giannis Skroumpelos: Energy Assessment of Gas Turbines: A case study link

  21. Athina Hadjivasilli: Photovoltaics Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant link

  22. Marianna Michael; Fast-wood plantations for biofuels link

  23. Christine Louca: CO2-absorbing, petrochemical building materials link

  24. Kyriaki Kerverou: Thermal-insulating, petrochemical building materials link

  25. George Anastasiou: Numerical assessment of oil catalytic cracking reactor link

  26. Yan Moisev: Catalytic Pyrolytic Thermochemical Conversion of grape pomace to Biofuels link

  27. George Skroumpelos: Conversion of waste coffee grounds to solid biofuels link

  28. Constantinos Demetriou: Simulation Of The Effect Of Certain Parameters  On Biogas Production By Anaerobic  Digestion link

  29. Nicholas Charalambous: Vasiliko Power Station (VPS) Boiler No.3: The conversion of the burner to enable the use of Crude Oil and Natural link

  30. Demetris Constantinou: Designing a resitential property using Building Information Modelling link

  31. Maria Karyou: Modelling Frederick’s Building Using BIM for Energy Evaluation Improvement of energy efficiency of the building link

  32. Eleni Apostolidou: Solar Thermal Power Stations as a Hybrid System link

  33. Achilleas Pilias: Assessment of the Energy Performance of a Public Building using Real Data and BIM link

  34. Nicholas Afxentiou Smart Readiness Indicator for Buildings link

  35. Iosif Alambritis Challenges and Risk Allocation in Cyprus LNG Import Terminal Project link

  36. Michelle Sibusisiwe Duri Future Trends and Transition to Next-Generation Dynamic Digital Energy Performance Certificates link

  37. Theofanis Makris Challenges and Risk Allocation in Cyprus LNG Import Terminal Project link

  38. Andri Panayidou The intelligence of buildings versus their dependence on fossil fuels: the case of the Smart Readiness Indicator of buildings link

  39. Constantinos Papouis Syngas production from natural gas and biomass link

  40. Michalis Psaras Analysis and Design of a Distillation Column process control system link

  41. Ramiz Qumsieh Numerical assessment of Green Roofs with the use of Building Energy Performance Simulation (BEPS) integrated into Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools link

  42. Kyrlios Sehata The transition from Crude Oil to Natural Gas: The Malta paradigm link

  43. Antonis Shiamptanis Floating Storage and Regasification Unit link

  44. Evangelos Stamatiou Enhancing Gas Turbines with Battery Energy Storage for power generation in Power Plants link

  45. Marios Theodosiou UPS as a Back-Up of an Oil Refinery link

  46. Theoklitos Klitou Optimization of solid biomass boiler’s combustion chamber using CFD link

  47. Maria Mela Solar Pyrolysis of Plastic Waste into Hydrocarbons link

  48. Rafaella Othonos CNG Health & Safety for fueling stations link

  49. Petros Petrou The advancements in the field of Hybrid Electric – Fuel Cells Vehicle link

  50. Antreas Sofokleous Design And Development of A Small Scale Biogas Reactor link

  51. Stephanos Philippou Comparison in performance between segmental, and helical baffles; on a single pass- shell
    and tube heat exchanger, set to operate within a crude oil refinement environment

  52. Maria Christodoulou Calculation of the potential of Cyprus for the promotion and implementation of floating photovoltaic parks in dams link

  53. Alexandros Andreas Ellinas Geothermal energy and how it can be applied for a sustainable climate building link

  54. Petros Ioannou Numerical simulation of the temperature distribution in ground, for the purpose of the implementation of geothermal installations link

  55. Antonis Konstantinou East Med Pipeline Project link

  56. Vasilis Mezos Reward and Punishment measures to reduce energy consumption in the building sector link

  57. Dimitra Papaconstantinou A Comprehensive Framework for Replacing Solar Thermal Systems link

  58. Efstratios Kyritsis Evaluation of Technical and Economic Feasibility of interventions in heritage buildings link

  59. Christos Kythreotis Life cycle analysis model for newly constructed buildings in order to achieve CO2 neutrality link

  60. Chrystalla Menelaou Assessment of heritage buildings towards decarbonization of built environment link

  61. Andreas Pelopida Energy Performance Analysis of an Academic Building link

  62. Marios Demetriou High Temperature Heat Pumps: Advancements in Technology and Application link

  63. George Karagiannis Design and Feasibility of a 60MW Wind Farm in Cyprus link

  64. Maria Andreou Development of Predictive Models for Energy Consumption in Buildings using Machine Learning Techniques: A Pilot Study with Python Programming link

  65. Marinos Charalampous Development and Performance Evaluation of a Small Scale Model for an Oscillating Water Column System for Electricity Generation from Ocean Waves link

  66. Constantinos Constantinou Feasibility assessment of tidal energy technologies for electricity generation in the island of Cyprus link

  67. Michalis Evripidou Development and Numerical Investigation of an Innovative Roof Vertical Wind Energy Harvester link

  68. Stavros Georgiou Elemental and Proximal Assessment of Spent Coffee Grounds link

  69. Andreas Papaconstantinou Investigating Future Grid Needs to Support the Expansion of Electric Vehicles in Cyprus until 2030 link

MSc in Oil and Gas and Offshore Engineering
  1. Demetris Georgiou: Environmental assessment of Natural Gas liquefaction plants link

  2. Spyros Spyrou: Thermochemical assessment of fossil fuels link

  3. Paris Kyriakou: Simulation of Natural Gas dehydration process using triethylene glycol link

  4. Kyriakos Kyrizis: Analysis of properties, structure, characteristics and compatibility that a Natural Gas pipelines. link

  5. Nicholas Kountouris: Acid gas removal unit – An application in the case of Cyprus Natural Gas liquefaction facility link

  6. Antonis Kalogirou: Design of offshore drilling process link

  7. Benedict Solomon: Modelling and simulation of naturally fractured oil reservoir using BOAST- NFR link

  8. Georgia Christodoulou Technical and Economical Aspects of Oil Refinery and Oil Products link

  9. Vasilis Argyriades Parametric Simulation of Biomass Pyrolysis using Aspen Plus Tech link

MSc in Engineering Management
  1. Christos Efthyvoulou: Development of an Energy Management System for the Electromechanical Service Department Ministry of Communication and Works, Based on ISO50001:2011 link

  2. Constantinos Panagiotou: Design, commissioning and management of building services in an experimental building employed for field measurements link

  3. Pantelitsa Christodoulou: Environmental Assessment tools and evaluation of traditional building materials: the case of adobe link

  4. Constantinos Fraggou: Quality Assessment Methods in construction industry renovation projects link

  5. Neoklis Gregory: Optimization of economic and environmental benefits of buildings restoration link

  6. Panagiotis Nicolaou: Design, commissioning and management of a photovoltaic (PV) modules assembly line in Cyprus link

  7. Christos Erdas: Management strategies towards reducing the ecological footprint of Limassol port link external reference

  8. Panagiotis Fasoulis: Queuing theory modelling towards accelerating the licensing of construction projects in Cyprus link external reference

BSc in Civil Engineering
  1. Nikos Michael: Monitoring of the energy performance of a residence in Cyprus link

  2. Leontios Tselepos: Invesitgation of the impact of the reference building on the energy classification of buildings link

  3. Panagiotis Georgiou: Renovation of existing building towards energy performance improvement link

  4. Antonis Matsangos: Design and construction of building element samples presenting energy insulation techniques in the building sector link

  5. Panagiotis Konstantinou: Infrared thermography (IRT) for building diagnostics and possible ways of improving the thermal performance of the building shell link

  6. Rafaella Apousel: Building’s energy upgrade in Cyprus link

  7. Panagiotis Ilia: Life Cycle Assessment of selected building materials applied in Cyprus link

  8. George Nikolaidis: Numerical analysis of energy behaviour of thermal bridges link

  9. Marios Michael: Numerical evaluation of thermal behaviour of a vernacular building in Nicosia link external reference

  10. Panagiota Tsitsi: Structural and energy aspects of BIPVs in Cyprus link

  11. Avraam Papaloizou: Structural aspects of Renewable Energy Technologies in the built environment link

  12. Petros Neofytou: Energy upgrade of a building block in Cyprus link

  13. Avraam Avraam: Life Cycle Assessment of a Phase Change Material link

  14. Christiana Panteli: Implementation of energy audit of Frederick University SEAS Lab link

  15. Christos Karkanias: Energy Audits in existing buildings link

  16. Antonis Georgiou: Setup and testing of a Hydrology Bench link,

  17. Plastiras Plastira: Setup and testing of a Hydrology Bench link

  18. Kyriakos Polycarpou: The characteristics and the energy behaviour of the residential building stock of “Cyprus land development corporation. link external reference

  19. Maria Nicolaou: Comparative environmental assessment of a contemporary building and a building with a steel frame using Life Cycle Assessment link

  20. Christina Chatzoglou: Technical and feasibility analysis of fenestration for sustainable structures link

  21. Christos Galazis: Heat flux variation through an opaque wall based on the position of the insulating material link

  22. Iosif Kapelakis: Whole building energy analysis with the use of energy performance certification tools link

  23. Constantina Christodoulou: Experimental and numerical investigation of the performance of reflective coatings link

  24. Kyriakos Xystouris: Thermal comfort of dwellings in Cyprus link external reference

BSc in Mechanical Engineering
  1. Yan Moisev Proximal analysis of pellets derived from the wood industry link

  2. Nicholas Christodoulou Energy analysis of a three-stage distillation unit link

  3. Christoforos Andreou Use of natural gas for heating in the building sector link

  4. Charalampos Charalampous Design of pipelines network for natural gas supply in Cyprus link

  5. Constantinos Demetriou Biogas production from anaerobic digestion of potatoes link

  6. Marios Philippou Natural Gas Pipelines link

  7. Michalis Charalampous Simulation of the Performance of Heat Exchangers for the Oil and Gas Industry link

  8. Kyrillos Sehata Cyprus energy system demand in natural gas and renewables link

  9. Constantinos Panagi Natural Gas Transmission System: A Case Study for Cyprus link

  10. Theofanis Makri Natural Gas use for buildings energy requirements: A Case Study for Cyprus link

  11. Nicholas Afxentiou NG to Methanol and Production of biodiesel link

  12. Efstratios Kyritsis Design of a Geothermal Heat Pump Installation link

  13. Nicholas Chourdakis Energy Performance Analysis of Frederick University Building using BIM tools link

  14. Christophoros Kelliris Design and Analysis of a 50 MW CSP Unit link

  15. Averkios Konstantinou Energy Redevelopment of a Building link

  16. Alexandros Hadjithoma The use and transport of natural gas through pipelines in the industry of Cyprus link

  17. Charalampos Kyriakou Gas transportation to Cyprus link

  18. Dimitris Louka Carbon Capture and Storage in Cyprus’ Power Plants link

  19. Nikolaos Tsigkakos The implementation of the Smart Readiness Indicator for the Assessment of Buildings Intelligence link

  20. Constantina Kyriakou The Use of Hydrogen for Heating in Buildings and the Greening of Natural Gas Network link

BSc in Quantity Surveying
  1. Andreas Michael: Quantity surveying aspects of renewable energy technologies applications link

  2. Stylianos Mesimeris: The cost of achieving energy efficient performance of large constructions link

  3. Ioannis Koutsoumpas: Sustainability schemes and building materials link

  4. Panagiotis Tafouna: Thermal insulation options of single dwelling in Cyprus link

  5. Maria Konnidou: Optimization of quantity surveying KPIs for large construction projects link

  6. Marios Georgiou: Quantity surveying aspects of zero energy dwellings link

  7. Christos Modestou: Quantity surveying aspects of zero energy industrial buildings link

  8. Chrystalla Chrysostomou: Life Cycle Assessment of a selected building material used in Cyprus built environment link external reference

  9. Constantinos Ellinas: Quantity surveying aspects of hotel renovation towards zero energy consumption. link

  10. George Valanides: Life cycle costing of sustainable masonry for zero energy buildings link

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