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Johnsun Solar Thermal Units
In 2016, Frederick University and Johnsun Heaters Ltd (link) reached an agreement for the development of two complete unit, which simulate the performance of solar thermal systems. The units are designed and constructed in such a way that all possible system design concepts are mimicked, namely
  • a natural circulation system (thermosiphonic system)
  • a forced circulation system
  • an open system
  • a closed system
The solar thermal units consist of the following components:​
  • 2 solar thermal collectors SAF2.0 with 2m² surface selective coating
  • 1 150 liter hot water tank with 3KW electrical element with automatic thermostat and safety thermostat for thermosiphonic operation
  • 1 hot water tank of 200 liters with 3KW electrical element with automatic control thermostat and safety thermostat for forced circulation system
  • 2 sets of adjustment and safety valves
  • 2 pressure relief vessels
  • 2 sets of copper tubing and insulating material for connecting the collectors to the hot water tank
  • 1 data logger
  • 1 solar controller for collector and pump temperature control
  • mechanical plant components (circulators, trident valves, thermostats, timers, vents, expansion valves)
  • thermocouples, manometers, water flow meters and activator
The units are  installed on a frame, simulating the roof on which the solar thermal panels will be installed. 
The units are currently used for training purposes within the programme of the Mechanical Installation Technicians, whereas the design of the units allows their utilization for research purposes as well.
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