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Ongoing Consultancies

Coordinator - Measuring, recording and preparing quality control reports on certain single-use plastic products and their waste, alternatives, establishing a single-use plastic registry
10/22 - 10/23

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Completed Consultancies

Coordinator - Calculation of the cost optimum levels of the minimum energy performance requirements of buildings according to article 5 of the directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings
11/22 - 09/23
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Coordinator - Study of Preparation of An Action Plan for Green Contracts, Location and Recording of Green Products and Services Circulated / Provided in The Cyprus Market
10/21 - 09/22
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Coordinator - Elaboration of a study for the preparation of a methodology for calculating Renewable Energy from solar domestic water and/or space heating systems and the benefits resulting from the replacement of older solar thermal frames and systems
02/22 - 08/22
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Coordinator - Training of registrants of Heating System Inspection and Air Condition System Inspection
11/21 - 07/22​

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Coordinator - Provision of Technical Support Services for the project "Strategic Cross-Border Cooperation & Capitalisation of a Common Approach to Energy Saving in Public Buildings: STRATENERGY"
11/21 - 07/22
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Coordinator - Provision of Technical Support Services for the project "Promoting Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings of the Balkan Mediterranean Territory: ProEnergy"
04/21 - 03/22
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Coordinator - Providing Services for Measurement, Recording and Report Preparation of Food Waste Levels at Various Stages of the Food Supply Chain
11/20 - 10/21​
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Coordinator - Detailed cost estimation for Public Transport Vehicles for the years 2010 – 2020

04/21 - 07/22
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Coordinator - Revision of the Heating Systems and the Air Conditioning Inspection methods, the Requirements of Technical Building Systems and the Methods of Regulation and Control of Building Technical Systems
12/19 - 08/20
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Consultant - Consultancy for the Elaboration of a Study on the calculation of cost - optimal levels for minimum energy performance requirements for buildings in accordance with Article 5 of Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy efficiency of buildings10/2017 -

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Coordinator - Consultancy for the Elaboration of a Study on the Implementation of Rational Management of Solid Waste in the Public Sector
09-2017 - 12/2017
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Coordinator - Consultancy for the Elaboration of a Study on the Reduction and Utilisation of Biodegradable Waste in Cyprus
09/2017 - 12/2017
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Consultant - Training of public servants dealing with environmental legislation on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
09/2016 - 02/2017
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Consultant - Implementation of Written Exams for the Selection of Four (4) Candidates to be Employed as Energy Operators in Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA)
09/2015 - 12/2015
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Consultant - Preparation of a Preliminary Draft Order of the Town Planning Council for Soil Sealing in Construction Projects
06/2014 - 02/2015
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