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Frederick Boilers Laboratory

In 2015, following an agreement with Hydrotherm & Co Ltd, a boilers laboratory was designed and commissioned at Frederick University for for research .as well as for vocational training purposes. Part of the equipment (solid fuel boiler) was supplied with  with grants awared by the Cross-border Cooperation Program “Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013” (Interreg) entitled ”Design and development of collection, management and distribution centers for the exploitation of olive solid waste energy purpose” (link).

The Frederick University Boiler’s Laboratory consists of four boilers:

  • A single-stage heating oil boiler

  • A multistage heating oil boiler

  • A gas condensing boiler

  • A solid biomass boiler

All boilers are equipped with all necessary measuring devices for determining the temperature and boiler operating pressure. The laboratory is also equipped with all required measuring devices for exhaust gas analysis for the definition of the combustion conditions.

The laboratory is employed at this stage

  • for the certification of Boilers auditors under the Directive 2010 31 of the European Union on the energy performance of buildings

  • for teaching purposes at Frederick University in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, the MSc Programme in Sustainable Energy Systems and the Program of Mechanical Installations Technicians. 

The laboratory is also employed for the evaluation of novel solid biofuels to assess their combustion quality.

A schematic diagramme of the boilers lab is provided, as well as information concerning the equipment of the laboratory are  in the following documents (click to enlarge).

Media Presentation of Boilers Lab link

Bongioanni Reference to Boilers Lab link

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