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Actively involved in following CEN committees, representating Cyprus Standardization Organization (CYS), leveraging expertise and knowledge to contribute to their activities and advancements in various domains.



  • CEN/TC 317/WG5 "Operational rating of energy performance of buildings"


  • CEN/TC 247/WG 4 "Open System Data Transmission"

  • CEN/TC 247/WG 6 "Electronic control equipment for HVAC applications, integrated room automation, controls and management systems"

  • CEN/TC 371/WG1 "EPBD Standards Group"

  • CEN/TC 442/WG9 "Digital twins in built environment"

  • CEN/WS 107 "Mitigation of Urban Heat Island effect with cool materials"


  • CEN/CLC/JTC 15 "Energy management and energy efficiency in the framework of energy transitions"

  • CEN/TC 156 "Ventilation in Buildings"

  • CEN/TC 228 "Heating systems and water based cooling systems in buildings"

  • CEN/TC 247 "Building Automation. Controls and Building Management"

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