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  1. 01 Nov 2023 Main Speaker, Open University, Aradippou Municipality, Larnaca Cyprus
    Smart Buildings and Smart Cities: Advancements in the field, and how they affect our everyday life”.

  2. 31 Oct 2023,  Moderator, SEI forum public conferences and national roundtables, European Commission, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „First Roundtable on Finance for Energy Efficiency in Cyprus. ”.


  3. 17 Oct 2023 Speaker, Network Against Poverty, Nicosia, Cyprus
    Energy Poverty: Definitions and Policies for facing the challenge”.

  4. 13 Sep 2023 Speaker, World Trade Centers (WTCs) European Regional, CyENS, Nicosia
    „Digital twins for smart buildings energy audits: First evidence and case studies”.


  5. 13 Sep 2023 Speaker, Joint Build Up  webinar: SmartLivingEPC & CHRONICLE, Virtual
    „Advanced Energy Performance Assessment towards Smart Living in Building and District Level (SmartLivingEPC)”.


  6. 14-16 June 2023 Speaker, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Sustainable Places (SP2023), Madrid, Spain 
    „1. Digitalisation of Energy Performance Assessment to Enable Retrofits
    „2. Smart Readiness Indicator: Collaboration for Efficient and Sustainable Buildings

  7. 24 May 2023 Speaker, Next Generation Energy Performance Assessment, Rating and Certification: Towards a Decarbonised Future for European Buildings, Cities, Brussels, Belgium
    D^2EPC: Activities for a new EN standard on buildings operational rating”.


  8. 04 May 2023 Speaker, Frederick University Cyprus. Climate Crisis, Cities, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Development of Utilities Management Platform for the case of Quarantine and Lockdown (eUMaP)”.

  9. 08 Apr 2023 Speaker, ASHARE, Cyprus Chapter. Technical Seminar Energy in Buildings 2023, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Smart Tools for Smart Buildings”.

  10. 28 Nov 2022 Speaker, Institute of Politics and Democracy Studies The day after the UN Climate Conference (COP27): A first estimate, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „In the wake of COP27: The role of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and its infrastructure as an "energy transition solution" for Cyprus and Greece”.

  11. 21 Nov 2022 Speaker, RINA S.p.A: frESCO project workshop: Next Generation EPC Workshop (virtual)
    „Advanced Energy Performance Assessment towards Smart Living in Building and District Level (SmartLivingEPC)”.

  12. 18 Nov 2022 Speaker, Kaunas University of Technology Konferencija „Lietuvos mokslas ir pramonė 2022“, Kaunas, Lithuania
    „Boosting Research for a Smart and Carbon Neutral Built Environment with Digital Twins (SmartWins)”.

  13. 15 Nov 2022 Speaker, FEDARENE; final conference of QualDeEPC project: Deep Renovation of buildings: what Energy Performance Certificates can do, Brussels, Belgium
    „Next-generation Dynamic Digital EPCs for enhanced quality and user awareness (D2EPC)”.

  14. 26 Oct 2022 Speaker, Research and Innovation Foundation, .Cyprus. Workshop and Networking Event for Marie Curie Sklodowska projects, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Recommendations for successful drafting and implementation of Marie Curie Research projects”.

  15. 25 Oct 2022 Speaker, Research and Innovation Foundation, .Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus
    Evaluating Research Proposals for Horizon Europe: Myths and Realities”.

  16. 6-9 Sep 2022 Speaker, Université Côte d'Azur, Sustainable Places (SP2022), Nice France.
    EPCs: Measuring building performance and adding operational rating

  17. 08 June 2022 Speaker,  Sustainable Energy Week, Building performance assessment towards Next generation EPCs (virtual)
    Energy performance & LCA Indicators Analysis for EPCs”. 

  18. 07 Apr 2022 Main Speaker, Nea Agrotiki Kinisi (New Agricultural Movement), Peristerona, Cyprus.
    Agricultural Photovoltaic Parks – An innovative application for the Agricultural World of Cyprus”.

  19. 14-15 Dec 2021 Speaker, TIMEPAC-21, International Workshop (virtual)
    Enriched set of KPIs in Next-generation Dynamic Digital EPCs for enhanced quality and user awareness (D^2EPC) project”.

  20. 08 Dec 2021 Speaker, Cyprus Energy Agency. 3rd Living Lab and Incubator Workshop witnin HAPPEN MedYeb Certified Project, Nicosia, Cyprus
    Smart Readiness Indicator”.

  21. 23 Nov 2021 Speaker, Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Get informed and join us in the circle.: European Waste Prevention Week, Nicosia, Cyprus
    Measuring and Documentation of Waste Food”.

  22. 19 May 2021 Speaker, Cyprus Energy Agency, Workshop for Interreg V Greece Cyprus Project Synergin (Cooperation for energy saving in Public Buildings of the Cross-Border Region of Greece Cyprus) (virtual) 
    Smart Readiness Indicator: Challenges and Perspectives for the Municipalities in Cyprus”.

  23. 25 Sep 2020 Speaker, IsZEB: A new Digital Era for the Construction Section in Greece through BIM Technologies (virtual)
    Adoption of BIM practices in the Lithuanian building system: The BIM LT project”.

  24. 24 Jul 2018. Speaker, European Youth Parliament, Cyprus. 1st Academic Forum of European Youth Parliament (EYP), Cyprus. Panel Discussion: EU-Energy: A paradigm shift, Nicosia, Cyprus
    Realising the 2020 Cyprus and EU Energy Strategy”.


  25. 12,13,14 Dec 2017. Speaker, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment. Training seminar on prevention and rationale management of food waste, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Prevention and Utilization of Food Waste: Towards a Circular Economy”.


  26. 05 Dec 2017 Speaker, SWIM-H2020 SM Regional Training on the Sustainable Management of Olive Oil Mills’ Waste Support on olive oil mills waste Expert Facility Activity Regulation and methods, Athens, Greece.
    „Waste to Energy Exploitation of Olive Mills Waste Streams”


  27. 07 Nov 2017 Speaker, Ministry of Environmental Protection, State of Israel - SWIM-H2020 SM EFH-IL-2, Support on olive oil mills waste Expert Facility Activity Regulation and methods, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Waste to Energy Exploitation of Olive Mills Waste Streams”


  28. 24 Jan 2017 Speaker, Frederick University – Workshop - Valgreen Erasmus+ KA2 Project, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Design and development of collection, management and distribution centers for the exploitation of olive solid waste energy purpose”


  29. 05 Dec 2016 Speaker, Department of Law, University of Nicosia - Workshop: Energy Developments and Lessons for Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „European Energy Policy: Projects of Common Interest”


  30. 24 Nov 2016 Speaker, Department of Town Planning and Housing,  Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Cyprus: Impact of Soil Sealing on the Built Environment – Workshop, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „The impact of soil sealing on the urban heat island effect"


  31. 02 Nov 2016 Speaker, Cyprus Civil Engineers Association, Ministry of Energy – Workshop - Passive Houses and Nearly Zero Energy Buildings, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Zero Energy Buildings and Passive Houses in Cyprus: Presentation of case studies”


  32. 24 Oct 2016      Speaker,  University of Cyprus – Workshop – Research Project Phase Change Material (PCM) enhanced plaster for upgrading the energy efficiency of con-temporary and historic buildings – PC Plaster, Nicosia, Cyprus
    Computational Analysis of PCMs and PCPLASTER thermal properties


  33. 05 May 2016     Speaker, Frederick Research Center – Workshop – Research Project, Nicosia Cyprus
    “Development of an Interdisciplinary Programme in Climate Change and Sustainability Policy” - CLIMASP: Frederick University Research and Teaching Activities in the field of Sustainable Energy Technologies


  34. 27-28 Apr 2015  Speaker, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. International Workshop „Future of the construction and indoor environment, Kaunas, Lithuania.
    „1. Zero Energy Buildings: The Magic Formula",
    „2. State of the art in the Life Cycle Assessment of Building Materials"


  35. 24 Oct. 2014     Speaker, 2nd Oil & Gas: Technology, Equipment, Supplies, Services International Exhibition - CYP Gas Tech 2014, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Postgraduate education in the field of oil and gas: Challenges, opportunities and the vision of Frederick University"


  36. 02 Oct 2013      Speaker, IMA Architecture - Workshop – Research Project „Energy Efficiency Knowledge Transfer Framework for Building Retroffiting in the Mediterranean Area - eeWise", Nicosia, Cyprus
    Energy Efficiency, Knowledge Transfer Framework for Building Retrofitting in the Mediterranean Area


  37. 01-02 Jul. 2013 Speaker, Frederick University - Workshop - Workshop - Research Project "Whole Life Management of Sustainable Constructions"
    Integrated Sustainability Assessment 


  38. 18 Jun. 2013 Speaker, Foreign Affairs Magazine, Workshop, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Cyprus’ new era: Geostrategic parameters, economy and foreign policy”


  39. 16 Apr. 2013 Speaker, Frederick Research Center - Workshop – Research Project, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „A concept for promotion of sustainable retrofitting and renovation in early stages – ACES Project”: „Presentation of project’s main findings”


  40. 14 Feb. 2013 Speaker, Frederick Research Center – Workshop – Research Project „Square Mile Retrofit Project”, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Developments in Cyprus after the implementation of the buildings energy efficiency directive”


  41. 07 Mar. 2012 Speaker, University of Cyprus, Free University at Nicosia, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Technological advances in the energy sector in Cyprus at the beginning of the 20th century”


  42. 26 Jan, 2012 Speaker, Meteorological Service Cyprus - Workshop – Research Project „Study of Urban Heat Island Effect in Cyprus Research Project” (HEAT ΑΕΙΦΟΡΙΑ/ΑΣΤΙ/0308(ΒΕ)), Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Towards optimization of urban planning and architectural parameters for energy use minimization in Mediterranean cities”.


  43. 23 Mar. 2011 Speaker, Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cyprus, Seminar, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Energy Policy – Renewable Energy Sources in Enterprises”


  44. 26 Jan. 2011 Speaker, University of Cyprus, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seminar Series, Nicosia, Cyprus.
    „Experimental investigation and field measurements for the determination of the Urban Heat Island Effect”


  45. 11 Jan. 2011 Speaker, University of Cyprus, Free University at Larnaca, Larnaca, Cyprus
    „Towards Zero Energy Buildings: European action plan and feasible scenarios”


  46. 26 Nov. 2010 Speaker, University of Cyprus, Free University at Paphos, Paphos, Cyprus
    „Towards Zero Energy Buildings: European action plan and feasible scenarios”10-11 Nov. 2010”


  47. 29 Sep. 2010 Speaker, 6th Real Estate and Construction Conference, Round table discussion, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Buildings Energy Efficiency”


  48. 17 May. 2010 Speaker, University of Cyprus - Workshop – Research Project Classification of Buildings in Cyprus Based on Their Energy Efficiency, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Application of IR Thermography and in-situ Measurement Techniques for the Evaluation of Buildings Energy Efficiency”


  49. 06 May. 2009 Speaker, University of Cyprus, Graduates Office Event, Nicosia, Cyprus
    „Eco Architecture - Buildings Energy Design: Current Status and Future Perspectives”


  50. 01 Feb. 2007 Main Speaker, Presentation in the „Seminar Verbrennungstechnik“ of the Division for Combustion Technology of the Engler-Bunte-Institute of the University of Karlsruhe
    “Abgehobene Verbrennung: Literaturübersicht und Darstellung der eigenen Arbeit”

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