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Build Up Ambassador

As of June 2023, I am deeply honored to assume the role of BuildUp Ambassador for the Republic of Cyprus. link


BUILD UP is the EU’s largest platform and the principal EU reference point for energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings. Construction sector professionals rely on our capacity to share relevant and up-to-date content and to bring them interesting initiatives (events, webinars, tools, projects…) that they find useful and valuable.

Behind this, and playing a key role in the team, is the BUILD UP Board of Ambassadors. This is a group of renowned experts working across relevant institutions and organisations in the sector of energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings. Their role is to support the work of BUILD UP and its Editorial Board by acting as a sounding board, advising on matters in their fields of expertise, and contributing to the development and production of relevant content for the portal, specifically related to the Topic of the Month, the main topic around which we focus the portal content every month, opened for everyone to contribute with articles or any other content.


The mission of our Ambassadors includes:  

  • Highlighting interesting initiatives at the national level,

  • Providing feedback on specific matters related to energy efficiency in buildings,

  • Contributing to the portal content with news, publications, articles, webinars, tools, case studies, etc.

  • Promoting BUILD UP in their professional networks and social media channels.


As experts within their national communities, they represent BUILD UP, disseminating its values and creating links at this national level. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our platform and, together with our Editorial Board, are our best guarantee of keeping our content relevant and up-to-date.

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