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Experimental and Numerical Skills

Experimental fluid mechanics skills

  • Particle Image Velocimetry: Experienced user in non-reactive flows. Measurements performed in water channels for the characterisation of urban flows. I have also performed 3D tomographic PIV measurements.

  • 3D - Laser Doppler Anemometry: Experienced user in reactive and non-reactive flows. I have performed series of experiments in swirl isothermal and reacting flames for the characterisation of the stability mechanism.

  • Laser Light Sheet Mie Scattering: Experienced user in reactive and non-reactive flows. Experiments performed in reacting flames for the characterisa-tion of the two-phase flow of liquid fuels.

  • Flow Rate and Pressure Measurements: Experienced user of several instrumentation such as Coriolis and turbine flow meters, Rotameter etc. Also experienced user of several instrumentation such as piezoelectric crystals, membrane pressure gauge etc.

In flame measurements skills

  • Concentration Analysis: Experienced user of several gas chromatography analysis methods such as NDIR, FID, FTIR, Paramagnetismus etc. Experiments regarding the mixture field of reacting and non-reacting flames.

  • Temperature Measurement. Use of thermocouples, micro-thermocouples, PT100 etc. Experiments regarding the temperature field of reacting and non-reacting flames.

Temperature measurement skills

  • Level 1 Thermographer (Infrared Training Center, Sweden). Experienced user for building thermography

Solid Fuels Analysis skills

  • Calorific Value Definition using Bomb Calorimeter (according to EN 14918)

  • CHNO Elemental Analysis using Elemental Analyser (according to EN 15104)

  • Moisture Content Analysis (according to EN 14774)

  • Ash Content Analysis (according to EN 14775)

Computational Skills  - Energy and Environmental Analysis

  • Finite Element Methods:  Comsol Multiphysics
  • Physical and Chemical Processes Simulation: Aspen Plus

  • Life Cycle Assessment Software: Gabi Software

  • Whole Building Energy Analysis Software: Energy Plus (Design Builder), Revit Energy Analysis, EcoTect

  • Microclimate Modelling: ENVImet

Computational Skills - Other

  • Languages: Visual Basic, Matlab

  • Scripting Languages: HTML

  • 3D-CAD: SolidWorks, ProEngineer, Autocad

  • Graphics Software: TecPlot (for graphs), Adobe Photoshop

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